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My name is Jos and I'd like to take you on a green journey.
On my webshop you can find rare tropical plants, hand picked and grown with love by me. My main focus is developing new Anthurium hybrids, hand pollinated and carefully selected to create unique hybrid plants.

now available!

I'm thrilled to announce a truly unique Philodendron hybrid cross. Seeds are now available on the webshop.

Prepare to be captivated by the magnificent offspring of two extraordinary plant varieties. The hybrid seeds are a meticulous crossbreeding of the revered Philodendron 'Dean McDowell'—itself a mesmerizing fusion of Philodendron pastazanum and gloriosum—and the elegant Philodendron sharoniae. This union has resulted in an exquisite lineage that promises to bring lush beauty and unmatched vibrancy into your indoor oasis.

Be the first to embark on this botanical adventure.

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To me there is nothing more exciting than crossing two Anthurium parent plants with excellent genes to marvel at the outcome of their hybrid offspring. To identify the batch of baby Anthurium, I identify them with a batch ID - yet every baby Anthurium will have its unique features

how I try to make your purchase count

You can contact me via Instagram, Facebook or the website to help you with all you plant questions. Not sure how to germinate your new seeds? Questions about the delivery time or just happy to show me the new growth of your seedling? Always ready to help!
Frustrated with another delay of your plant order or unable to contact the shipment service? I've been there! I have a professional contact with DHL Express, which ensures delivery in EU within 48h. And if anything would go wrong, you can count on a compensation.
I designed the Best Buds boxes to perfectly fit the standardised pots in which I grow the plants. Every element, from the growing pot to the packing chips are recycled and recyclable! I don't use any single-use plastics, not even for taping the box. Every plant I sell is truly green!
I grow for the love of plants and I sell for the happiness of my customers. There is no better feeling than to see a new plant parent over the moon with their purchase. Therefore, it is my end goal to have satisfied customers. You can count on me to go the extra mile to put that smile on your face.

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