Philodendron 'Majestic'

  • by Jos Vanden Abeele


Discovered/described Not applicable
Type Hybrid cultivar
Section Not applicable
Blade shape Broadly ovate-cordate (egg to heart shaped), thinly coriaceous (leathery), acuminate/acute at apex (in a point), cordate at base (heart shaped)
Blade colour Bicolorous (silver patches), emerging leaves range from yellow-green on juvenile plants to a fresh green on more mature plants, abaxial (back side) is red to purple on emerging leaves and fade to light green, mature plants loose silvery pattern
Petioles Ranging from light green and smooth on juvenile plants to dark purple and rough (no hairs) on mature plants
Inflorescence Unknown


Philodendron 'Majestic' is a Philodendron hybrid cultivar, favoured for its silvery splashed leaves combined with a dark green slight velvet surface. 

It is a climbing Philodendron with cordate leaf blades. The silver pattern is highly variable from plant to plant and from leaf to leaf. The juvenile leaves are accute to elliptic, growing more cordate when reaching maturity.

Philodendron 'Majestic' is a hybrid cross between Philodendron sodiroi and Philodendron verrucosum:

Philodendron 'Majestic' is a hybrid cross between Philodendron verrucosum and Philodendron sodiroi

It combines preferable traits of both parent plants. The Majestic has P. verrucosum's blushing red backside (abaxial) of the leaves and its dark green leaf blades, combined with the beautiful grey mottling and glaucous (waxy/thick cuticle) surface (adaxial) of P. sodiroi.



Philodendron 'Majestic' was crossed by an unknown hybridizer and named by Neil Crafter. There are speculations the original cross was performed by Keith Henderson, as he was one of the most active Philodendron hybridizers working with P. verrucosum and gloriosum.


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