Anthurium hybrid seeds

In the nursery, I create truly unique Anthurium hybrids.

Each crossing has been carefully selected to give you the most interesting combinations of the genetics of parent plants.

Each crossing is indicated with a batch ID name - this however does not mean that the resulting plants will be equal to each other. As each hybrid will be a unique combination of both parents (much like siblings), they will show differences but showing traits of both parents.

Hybrids in the making

The hybrid seeds shown below are currently growing in the nursery. You can find detailed information on the product detail page about the specific crosses: the pollination date, the hybrid parents, ...

It takes from 3 to 12 months for Anthurium berries to ripen, so be patient and... subscribe to the product for updates when available!

Note: not all crosses shown on below will result in a successful pollination and hybrid seeds. I show all the crosses done by me and will update the status of the inflorescence/berries as they grow.

prefer seedlings?

Growing Anthuriums can be scary for new plant parents. 

To help you feel more comfortable, you can find some of the hybrid seeds already sprouted and grown to a seedling stage below:


Below you can find some of the previously released batches, click the link to find more.

You can find more details on the batch product page.