about me

a belgian plant dad

What started as a crazy idea of a Belgian plant dad, has become a reality: 

my own nursery to grow, experiment and love plants.


My name is Jos, a resident of Gent and a fiery plant parent. I have been collecting tropical house plants for years and that passion made me decide to start Best Buds in May of 2020.

I graduated as a Bio Engineer (agriculture) from the University of Ghent. I am focussing on the development and research to develop new plant hybrids.

Plan(t)s for the future

Best Buds is a Belgian startup specialising in the development, production and commercialisation of unique tropical house plants. The production process and commercialisation focuses on sustainability in all its steps of the process. 

I strongly believe in the creative power of my imagination when it comes to developing a new generation of house plants. 

core values


And not just as a fancy word, but rooted in every process decision to have a minimal negative impact on our environment.

beautiful plants

Because I'm a crazy plant dads ourselves, I know the importance of providing high quality products to my customers.

customer is king

Just like all the plants in my nursery, my customers deserve the best care. Being friendly and helpful is rooted in my customer service.

be unique

I try to create unique experiences, in unison with the unique plants. Adopting a plant baby should feel like the amazing experience it is.

let's keep in touch

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