eco first

sell green, be green

We have a green heart. We're not only talking about our house and garden; but every aspect of our company. 

At Best Buds, we take sustainability as a basic principle which is non-negotiable. Does this mean we don't have any (negative) impact on the environment? No, but it does mean we will always strive to present the most eco-friendly and sustainable solution, because that is what we find important. And we hope you'll agree with us. 

That way you can indulge in your love for rare tropical plants without feeling guilty, that's the best of both worlds!

Plant pots

We are producing over 300 million tons of plastic every year, 50% of which is for single-use purposes – utilized for just a few moments, but on the planet for at least several hundred years. At Best Buds, we use planting pots from 100% recycled plastic materials. In that way we can reuse a fraction of the huge amount of plastics used yearly. Moreover, the plastic pots are also 100% recyclable! In that way, we present a closed loop system in which no new plastics are introduced in the environment.


To get your new plant baby safely to your plant sanctuary, we package our plants in 100% recycled cardboard, custom made packages. Yes, these cost a little more, but they look stunning, don't they? We also avoid using extra plastics or filling material as our custom packaging provides the support needed for safe transport. Also no plastic tape is used, only recycled paper tape.

Growth conditions

In order for them to thrive, we grow our plants in greenhouses with perfect conditions. This means high humidity, temperatures and optimal lighting conditions. Our electricity is 100% certified green, from renewable sources. But since we use high insulation and LED technology, we try to minimalise our electricity use in the first place.


Transportation is, and will probably be for a long time, the sore thumb of our eco-story. There is no denying the impact of transportation on both the environment and climate. And having the plants delivered on your doorstep across Europe will not help with this. Moreover, some of the plants have been imported from warmer climates, contributing to a massive exhaust. 

Until there is an eco-friendly solution for transportation (electric?), we try to compensate our impact by planting a baby tree for every transport we make. In partnering up with Perpetuum Cropscience, we have an active forest rehabilitation programme to help restore the lungs of our Mother Earth.

Read more about our plant-a-tree policy here.