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The plant is individually boxed in a custom designed container made of 100% recycled cardboard. For more info, click here.
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This Anthurium ×papillilaminum is showstopper with its velvet dark green leaves. A. papillilaminum is frequently used in hybridisations and so is this specimen. It shows a lot of features of the papillilaminum parentage including long heart shaped leaves which are dark velvet green and simple nervature. This beautiful plant has been in our care for over 6 months and has grown stunning leaves ever since. The plant currently has 6 leaves and 2 new grow points (21/04/21). The largest leaf is almost 25 cm.


Starting bid is €75.


Anthurium papillilaminum is a rare aroid part of the family of Araceae.


Most Anthurium grow a small leaf from the last developed leaf. This new leaf expands rapidly over the next 7-21 days, depending on the amount of water/light/humidity.
Anthurium are generally easier to keep in place with lower light although this can result in much smaller leaves. Since they are tropical plants they are used to higher amounts of humidity (more than 60%). However, they can still grow decently in a more arid climate (40-60%). Anthurium prefer irregular periods of watering and like to get a lower amount of water once in a while.
Anthurium with more round heart shaped leaves are easier to take care for and therefore more suitable for a beginning plant parent. The ones with more textured and elongated leaves require a higher level of care.

NOTE: It is notoriously difficult to determine whether Anthurium specimens are pure cultivars or hybridisations with close relatives. This can only be determined by either genetic analysis or microscopic investigation of the inflorescence. We determine our plants to the best of our knowledge. Either way, they are cute as hell.

If you have feedback on the determination, please let us know, so we can adjust accordingly.


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