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The plant is individually boxed in a custom designed container made of 100% recycled cardboard. For more info, click here.
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This Philodendron 'Majestic' is a truly unique Philodendron hybrid cultivar. This beautiful plant has been in our care for over 6 months and has grown stunning leaves ever since. The plant currently has 11 leaves and a 12th unfurling (21/04/21).


It is offered for auction including a rustic branch pole.


Starting bid is €85.


Philodendron 'Majestic' (Philodendron verrucosum × Philodendron sodiroi) is a rare aroid part of the family of Araceae.

Just like most Philodendron they grow beautiful heart shaped leaves with remarkable nervature, although these leaves are more elongated. The Philodendron grow by climbing trees in nature, sprouting a new growth point at the end of each node.

They are used to lower amounts of direct light but will adjust their petioles towards any source of light. Since they are tropical plants they are used to higher amounts of humidity (more than 60%). However, they can still grow decently in a more arid climate (45-60%). During Spring and Summer the plant will enjoy a generous amount of water. Don’t drench the plant but keep the soil moist.

This plant is a bit more difficult to nurse, recommended for experienced plant parents.


Soil mix 5L

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